Study visit in Slovenia (Ljubljana) – From 06 September to 09 September 2021, 14 representatives from five countries, participated in a study visit to Emona (Ljubljana). Participants were discussing about the processes of gamification for different archeological sites and immersive technologies in the museums. 

Study visit at Thessaloniki (Greece) – From 12 to 18 July, project partners visited Greece. They had an opportunity to talk about developing immersive experience and how to use digital tools for enhancing culture experience. Participants realized field trip to archeological park DION.

Study Visit to North Macedonia –  From May 31 to June 3, representatives of seven partners from six countries, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria and Republic of North Macedonia, participated in a study visit to the Archaeological Site Stobi in order to map the capacity of cultural institutions to use digital technologies for the promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage.